Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Who makes these things? . .

Baby toy makers are sadistic bastards. Or my son is a little slow.

So he's gotten pretty good at grabbing and he loves putting things in his mouth. The issue is most baby toys are too big for him to get into his mouth. So he grabs Malory the Monkey attempts to put her in his mouth and can't get any part in there (the other monkey we have the only part he can get in his mouth is the monkey's banana. . . which is slightly disturbing and can only be done if we do it for him). So he grabs toys tries to get them in his mouth and gets upset because all he gets is his own fingers

"Huh? This elephant tastes just like my fingers. Wait a second. . . damn it!"

Even his Jumperoo is taunting him. He sits in the seat and leans forward as far as he can—his mouth open ready to chomp down on the parrot—but the hanging toys are just out of reach.

I think it's a flaw in the toy's design. For a baby to grab most toys, they need both hands so they hold it vertically, but to get in their mouth it either needs a nubbin or needs to be horizontal. What we need is a little silicone hand shaped thing. He's good at getting our fingers in his mouth. We need something with corners that is chewy. Has anyone seen this toy?


Sarah said...

My kids have all liked this one:

Sarah said...

Well, that link won't work. Anyway its the super yummy teether by Discovery Toys. Hope that's along the lines of what you're looking for!

I'm Not Skippy said...

It works you just have to copy and paste it. I saw it. . . it looks kind of dangerous.

Anonymous said...

I did some searching and these looked pretty interesting. Looks like if you make something like that you would be a millionare. It is a great concept and wish they did make somthing like that. I know how much Peyton loves his fingers too and get so frustrated with some of his toys because they are so big and bulky and his hands are too small.


~Joe said...

Savannahs just now starting to get the hand of her jumperoo and shes almost 6 months.At 4 months she couldn't play with too much either we just gave her teddy bears,they seemed to do the trick.

I'm Not Skippy said...

The teddy bear is fun. He wrestles it.