Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shots Suck!

Skippy Jr. had his four-month appointment on Friday. Here's what we learned. . .
  • He's 15lbs 9oz. . . for those of you who forgot he was 5lbs 13oz when he was born.

  • He's 25½" long (he was 19" when he was born).

  • Both Height and weight move him into the 50th percentile, he started in the 5th for both. I try not to pay attention to this too much, but when my mother-in-law says he's chubby we can say "no he's the average weight."

  • His head is bouncing back to normal, we didn't need the doctor to tell us this, just something of note.

  • Shots suck ass! He got three (HIB, phenumocochol, and something else) and the rotovirus oral thingy. Poor little monkey was not happy after that. This prompted us giving him Tylenol for the first time. . . now that he liked.

  • Speaking of ingesting new things, we were given the green light for food. We started some rice cereal this weekend. He didn't enjoy that much. We tried again last night and it went better. . . we'll keep going until it works. We love our doctor he's very laid back. His advice, as it normally is, was to just relax and have fun with it. If he eats right away great, if not, don't worry he'll eat eventually.

  • The longer we're doing this, the fewer questions we have. Our list of questions was shorter than any other time, and the questions were mostly about feeding. I guess we may be getting the hang of this baby thing. I'm not saying we're pros or anything, just better than when we started.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like he is getting big and strong. Shots are never fun. They suck on both ends. I usually give a bit of tylenol before the shots that way it is already kicking in by the time he gets them and then give him more as needed. Carter's pedi use to encourage giving tyelenol before the shots, Peyton's not so much a believer in it, but then again they aren't dealing with the fussy baby then.

You guys are going to have so much fun with Parker and solids. It is the neatest thing watching them explore and taste new foods. The beginning seems like it takes forever because you have to take your time with each food to check for allergies, but once they are a pro it is so much fun. Neither of my boys liked the rice cereal. I guess it was to bland. We went right to oatmeal for Peyton and he tolerates it somewhat. If we mix a veggie in it he will gobble it right down.

Peyton's appt is on Monday and I have tons of questions this time. Poor thing is still spitting/vomitting and has really bad skin. My poor little bubs.

You guys are doing awesome. You can just see the love in that boys eyes and he always seems so happy.


Sarah said...

I'll join the I hate shots club too. I agree with the other poster about giving tylenol right before you leave for the appointment to take the edge off.

Parker is so cute! I love seeing the pictures of him. I can't believe he's 4 months already.

JamieMomma said...

YaY for a growing boy :) *Nods* our ped actually gives the kids Tylenol at the office before the shots Miles never cared about the shots but Emily you'd swear you cut off her foot. Yay for food Miles we tried food at 4 mos and he wanted nothing to do with it (other than to rassberry it back out at us and then laugh) Emily on the other hand well she loves the stuff. She just tried carrots this week and I just made a few batches of sweet potatos so that is next. A really good book if you want to make your own (very simple too) is Blender Baby it is very very good and it is so cheap to make your own :) I can't believe he is 4 mos already I saw your parents and sister last friday and we were talking about Parkers pictures and how cute they were :)