Monday, March 17, 2008

It's just been revoked. . .

New parents, and their respective babies, are like celebrities. People line up to see them, constantly asking for pictures, and gossiping about them. It's the closest thing to stardom I think I will ever feel. . .

Then a few months pass and you feel like a "D-list" star who can't beg their way onto a bad VH-1 reality show.

Family members stop calling to check in or stop by, friends disappear, even strangers stop reacting. . . when you go out, as the baby gets bigger, you notice people don't stare as much. Trips to the grocery store—that once brought oohs and aahs—now go over without one person even glancing at your slightly older bundle of joy. "Can't you see me here with this cute baby?" Whoever said babies were chick magnets lied. . . or maybe I'm the problem.

The crazy part is that when people were treating me like a celebrity all I had done was have sex with my wife (and I guess put up with her during the pregnancy). NOW we've both done enough to warrant a parade. . . or at least a cookie.

***I wrote this last week to save for a rainy day (it's really raining here). Since then I would say it's nice to still have some celebrity status here.***

On a side note, there are new pictures up here. Sorry it's been so long since I added more.

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Anonymous said...

I am sure you will still get ooh's and ahhh's. Just stroll by some old people they love babies.LOL I remember with Carter people would come up and say how old or he's a cutie, but it did slow down till he was a year old and he could interact more with people. I get the oh poor baby with Peyton because of his skin. Sometimes I prefer if people don't get up in my kids faces. It freaks me out sometimes. You just don't know what kind of weirdo's are out there. Family and friends are a different story, though I have some odd balls in my family. ha ha.