Thursday, March 20, 2008

Child prodigy. . .

Kids these days learn a lot about technology at a very young age now. Much more than when I was a kid. Sure, my family got a computer when I was in 3rd Grade and I used it to learn basic programming (I didn't become a stellar programmer but I get by). But Skippy Jr.?. . . Skippy Jr. will learning much more and sooner.

Take his newest activity. He kicks his legs around so they face his little TV and. . .

Let me back up a second. When I say TV I don't mean TV. We call his rain forest crib soother (see above) his TV. It hangs on the side of his crib, when he's going down for a nap and being extra difficult we turn it on to keep him quiet so he can sleep.

Anyway, a few nights ago at about 1:30 am I woke up and thought "why am I hearing Brahm's Lulluby?" I thought this because I was hearing Brahm's Lulluby. Skippy Jr. had kicked himself into position in front of his TV and kicked it on like he was the Fonz.

Fluke right?

That's what we thought, but since then he's kicked it on or off on 8 different occasions.

OK so it is a fluke, or was it him showing his technological aptitude by kicking the little blue parrot in his sleep. Yep, he'll be building robots before you know it.

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Amy said...

What a smartie! And OMG what a cute pic on the left!