Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Like a cool Irish Spring. . .

Been a while since I did one of these.

Shampoo Rinse Cup. We give Skippy Jr. a bath every day. It's not that he's especially dirty or smelly. We do it for 2 reasons. . . 1) routine and 2) he loves it! He kicks and splashes, tries to drink the water, and quite frankly it helps wear him out/calm him down so he sleeps better at night. So far he hasn't minded water getting in his eyes, but still we decided to get him this. Despite some of the negative Amazon reviews I think it works very well for an infant. It keeps the water out of his eyes and when I'm not pouring water on his head I can pour water on his belly and chest which he likes. . . of course a couple times I've gotten over zealous and got water in his mouth, nose and eyes that way, but that's daddy error not a flaw with the product.

This can also be used to help cool a bath that's too warm or warm a bath that's too cold, fill it with the opposite at the sink and pour it in. Just don't dump the cold water right on the baby, they don't like that. I speak from experience.

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Anonymous said...

It is good that you are using this while he is still young. Carter my almost 3 yr old hates having water dumped on his head. We bought one of those and as soon as he see's it he freaks out. So I try to pour water on Peyton's head now so he gets use to it. I just never did it with Carter. I always used a wash rag to rinse his head. He is so dramatic about getting his head rinsed.LOL

I wish I could give Peyton a bath everynight but with his dry skin it isn't good for him. Plus we find the nights we give him baths he doesn't sleep as well if we don't. Go figure.