Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Oh and he's learned how to sing "Muhnumanuh"

Nagging. . .

As my wife sits here watching the Bachelorette she is also asking me when I'm going to update the blog. I know I've been bad.

Since last time, we had our 18 month doctor's appointment. . . one month late. Everything is going well there. 45% for weight, 71% for height, 94% for head size. . . he's got a big melon. He's talking a lot. You know my feelings on words form last time, but he is saying a lot. He can communicate with us fairly well. It seems he grows a few months every day. He figures out problems, learns new tricks and skills, and puts together more complex sentences all the time.

Then theirs the issue of the word "diaper." He was able to say "dah-pah" a few months ago. Only now he's started calling it a "budgie." We have no idea why and the more we try to correct the problem, the worse it gets.

What else? What else? Oh my wife is off work for the summer (she's a teacher), so she's is staying home with the MonkeyBear every day. This has made her perfect being a mom and him start to like her more than me. Not to brag, but ever since he was born I've been the favorite parent. . . that status has changed.

Those are my scattered thoughts for now.