Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bribery. . .

So after many false starts we're beginning to ramp up potty training. Unfortunately, now the little monkeybear is frightened of the potty. He doesn't want to pee in it. So last night I decided to see if he could hold a new concept in his head. . . bribery. Did I say bribery? I meant the sticker chart and rewards.

I asked him "do you want a new train for your train table?"
"New Thomas?" he asked back.
"Sure, Thomas or Rosy or whoever you want. Do you want a new train?"
"OK, if you go pee-pee on the potty 5 times we will go to Target and get you a new train!"

That's all it took, he ran for the door tugging at his diaper and went in to the bathroom. He sat down, peed, and said "I get Thomas at Target now?" I said "you have to go pee-pee 5 times."

As this was going on my wife found a piece of paper and some stickers. He put a sticker on the paper while eating his victory M&Ms.

I said "OK that's one time and you get a sticker, can you count the sticker."
"One" he counted.
"Good job. And if you get 5 stickers what do you get."
"New Thomas!"

So now we have a sticker chart to jump start the potty training process. At least it'll help get him over the initial fear.

I'm not above bribery.