Monday, March 3, 2008


Twice. Skippy Jr. laughed at me twice. Once on Friday during a raspberry session (he still thinks that's cool, smiling every time). Then again on Sunday while bouncing him on our bed.

He has the cutest little laugh.

NOTE: This is not Skippy Jr.


Amanda said...

Hey, didn't I send you that video before. I got it in an e-mail from my nanny diaries mom back at Christmas. It is a really funny video.

Jamie said...

Gotta love baby giggles. You have to get it in video :) If you don't mind me retarted voice this was Emiy back in Dec at 4mos
She is a huge giggle baby. Miles was a laugher but not a giggler like she is

I'm Not Skippy said...

That was great Jamie! Also good to see Parker isn't the only baby who likes sticking fingers down the throat. I swear my baby's bulimic.