Monday, January 14, 2008

You look like you're related. . .

The picture of the left was taken about 30 minutes ago. The one on the right was taken 47 days ago.

How's that for crazy?

Skippy Jr. had his 10 week doctor's appointment (even though he's 11-weeks-old). He's up to 12lbs 7.5oz. . . so his double his birth weight and then some. He's 23 inches tall—I prefer tall to long. Everything was status quo. . . and then it happened. THREE SHOTS! Poor little guy, he's not in a good mood now. Hopefully by tomorrow he'll be back to normal.


Anonymous said...

Wow sounds like he is doing great. I can't get over how much he has changed. He still looks the same but just bigger. He has more expression in his face. Just think before you know it you will be chasing that boy all over the house. He is a cutie.


Janice said...

He is getting big.He looks just like you :)