Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The parenting dilemma. . .

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days. We're developing a pattern. Wake up, eat, get dressed, go to grandma's, hang out 'till 4ish, go home and eat (not always in that order), play with mommy and daddy, little nap, bath time, eat, go to bed, late night feeding, back to bed and repeat.

Play time and bath time are the best. During play time he's holding his head so high and as soon as his mom is looking away he likes to roll over and crash into me. We finally get more regular smiles. It's wonderful. Bath time is even better. He loves the water so much, he kicks around and splashes, he's even discovered his feet and will often move them around and stare at them. Of course the bubbles are great. . . you know I love them. We pour water all over him and he gets excited and tries to drink all the water.

The crappy part is the time we have. By the time we're all home it's 5:00 and he goes to bed at 9:30. He eats for at least a half hour of that time and normally sleeps for an hour in there. Mornings we only have about an hour with him (again, including feeding). I know, "join the club." It still sucks, and I know it'll only get worse. Soon he'll be older and awake longer in a stretch, but bedtime will get earlier and earlier.

Parenting shouldn't be like this. Stolen moments with you child. . . Evenings and weekends. I know it is for everybody and for some it's worse. It doesn't make it better. You need money to raise a child right, you need a job to have money (normally), having a job means you can't raise your child yourself. . . and back again.


Anonymous said...

I can't even imagine how hard it is for you and your wife. I am very fortunate to be able to stay home with my boys. I think it is so great though that your mom is able to watch him. Not that there is anything wrong with daycare, but there is something about a family member and having your child in a familiar place that makes it easier. I babysat my 3 nieces for 7 years. I would go to my sisters house immediately after school and would go home at 10 at night. I did this everyday. My nieces and I are really close to this day. I was like a second mother to them. They didn't go to bed till 9 for the longest time. I know some children need early bedtimes, but not all do. My boys just go to bed early because they get up early. Plus Mike and I like the quiet time before we go to bed. Kind of time for us to re-connect.

I also wanted to tell you about a great sale I found today. I don't know if you have a Children's place at your mall, but they have footy sleepers on sale for $3.50. I bought a bunch for Peyton for next year. I thought it was an awesome deal and wanted to pass it along.

Oh also I caved and bought those swaddeling blankets from Luna Lullybye. They are so soft and are made of stretchy material. I tried them out tonight and will see how they work. Peyton has been bursting out of his miracle blanket. Plust that thing was starting to work my nerves in the middle of the nigtht.LOL

~ Joe ♥ said...

Isnt it great watching them grow up! I feel bad for my husband and his work schedule, he is gone during Savannahs most wakeful hours so he often misses a lot. Babys cost money so its gotta be done but I know, it is the pits :/