Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sick and sick. . .

So I'm over my cold. Didn't take long, it was just a little 24-48 hour thing.

So now who's sick. . . Skippy Jr. Yep, I was so worried about the frontal attack of someone sick being around him that I didn't guard as much against the more obvious plan to get me sick and have me pass it on to him. Little man is all congested and boogery. He is taking it well he doesn't seem to be too upset by it all, at least he's less affected than I was. It must not be too bad of a cold. . . or he's just tougher than I am.

While he's in bed we can hear him gagging on crap and he'll cough some, but he sleeps through most of it. Little trooper.

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