Monday, April 2, 2007

A one, and a two, and a. . . .

So today we wen to the doctor to have the first ultrasound taken of our baby (say "cheese"). The first words out of the doctor's mouth after sticking the ultrasound wand you-know-where were "Oh you're having twins."


I insisted she must be joking and reminded her that April Fool's Day was in fact yesterday. She insisted she was not joking. . .

So after probing for a little while she showed us one amniotic sac with a little embryo with a strong heartbeat and one amniotic sac that appears to be empty. There is a chance we're experiencing vanishing twin syndrome. We go back next Monday for a second look.

I have to say, through all of this experience, that moment was truly the most exciting for me. To the point of almost crying tears of joy. My wife is freaked out, and doesn't know how we could possibly make this work, but I couldn't be more happy. The idea of raising two kids at once, though daunting, is thrilling to me.

She wonders why when we tell someone they laugh, I know it's not laughing at us. It's excitement, it's happiness, it's how I want them to respond. . . hell, it's how I responded.

So until next Monday, it's twins.

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