Friday, April 20, 2007

Parents first toy. . .

When we told my sisters about the baby on Sunday they were very excited. One more kid to have running around at family gatherings will only add to the already fun chaos.

My mom bought us our first baby toy. It's an elephant (note: not the elephant pictured) that crinkles and rattles and it had a sign on it's ear that said "pull here." So we tugged on the ear and nothing happened. We tugged again. . . nothing. Two adults about to have a kid couldn't figure out how to work a toy marked for 0+ months! We're in trouble (we did figure it out eventually).

After dinner and the toy incident I sat and played with my nieces, Emma and Paige (my nephew, Kevin, was being a brat and was taken away by his mother). We played a game where I would shout out an animal and they would act like that animal. My favorite was the pigs when they rolled around on the floor, but the duck was cool too.

A little while later everyone had left but Paige, she had to wait for her mother to return. My wife was worn out (as I'm sure you can imagine) so she collapsed on the couch. Paige came over to ask what she was doing.

"I'm gonna go to sleep," said my wife.

I added "she's going to lay on that pillow and sleep."

My wife rebutted, "nope, I'm gonna use your uncle for a pillow," and she laid her head on me.

Paige looked at her very sternly and said "he is not a pillow, he is a people. We sleep on pillows not people."

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Drea said...

I am loving the elephaunt!so cute. I found you on babes in blogland. I was on there when pregnant as well. Great site!