Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wait. . . What?! . . .

I've made a hobby of finding fun ways to tell people about the baby. I like that everybody I tell is totally caught off guard. A female friend of ours asked if my wife had lost weight cause she looked really good. She responded that she had. Our friend asked how and my response was "this revolutionary weight loss program, it's called getting pregnant."

I told another friend by saying "I have a couple dates for you to remember. May 19th is our Barbeque, and November 15th is our baby's due date."

For work I announced it while discussing the problems facing an upcoming marketing campaign we'll be working on then. "We have a short selling period and all projects need to be off to the printer before November 15th because..."

We told my wife's extended family by telling her grandmother that we needed her to knit a stocking. When she asked who it was for we responded "your great-grand-daughter." That one got the least response. The room got really quiet.

One woman I told at work was worried I was telling her I was quitting.

So yeah, it's my new favorite thing to do. Find fun ways to work it into the conversation and blind side people. It's great.

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