Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bigger and Bigger

As my wife's belly begins to show some signs of growth (thought she's now lost about 6 lbs) so does the group of people who know aboutour news. Our families are mostly informed, most everyone in my office knows and we beginning to tell friends. Only 2 of my wife's coworkers know, she's keeping it secret since there's only one month of school left.

The reaction from people is interesting. People you think would go nuts (the future great-grandmother for example) hardly seem to care. While the people who you would think would be detached (an aunt that has basically left the family) start trying to buy decorations for the nursery (we're thinking of a monkey theme).

We both agreed we want people to know and be happy for us, and then back the hell up.

The big question I have been asking myself is how to tell people. Generally I try and work some coded message into a way to announce it. I told my family out of the blue while discussing an odd baby shower the womenfolk had just attended. I told the people in my department at work whilst discussing scheduling of our future jobs (yes, we plan that far away). Still many times all I can do is say a trite "we're pregnant." I'm not pregnant so I go for "I'm gonna be a daddy." Which sounds a little creepy so I move to "my wife's gonna have a baby." That sounds like I have no part in it so then it's "I'm gonna have a baby." This is factually wrong, which leads me back to "we're" pregnant."

It's that or a la Coupling "my wife 'is incubating an alien life form that will one day attempt to take over the world.'"

EDIT: Oh yeah I almost forgot I got my first comment. Someone is reading (or already read) this thing.

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I read it! But I just started this week... :-)