Thursday, April 19, 2007

The bump

This morning my lovely wife was standing in the bathroom looking at her belly with her shirt pulled up this morning insisting she's gotten bigger. For me, her standing in her undies with her shirt pulled up was just plain hot. Then she had be feel it and it felt firmer and a little rounder. I told her this. . . she didn't like that.

We had joked about taking pictures of her as she progresses. I think I have enough problems with her body image normally and I don't need to make her take pictures of her expanding body. Maybe if she brings it up again.

This week (week 11 according to the Mayo Clinic book) we can officially call it a fetus. All the organs are at least started (although being our kid they're putting it off till the last possible second). I keep saying to her belly "you better not be growing a penis in there!" I so want a girl.

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