Friday, March 30, 2007


My wife sure is sleepy. That, above even the nausea, is the worst symptom. I know it's hormones, and her body changing, and the kid taking up nutrients and such. Just seems to be the worst part of it. Of course if the worst part is falling asleep on the couch every night than that's not too bad I suppose. . . course she used to do that all the time.

Today she said I've been acting like I'm scared of her. I've been hiding out working in the office on the computer, spending more time in the kitchen, or working in the yard. I can't do anything to help her other than listen, and when I just listen she gets madder and madder. So yeah, maybe I am a little scared of her right now. She's a ticking time bomb of hormones just waiting to explode all over the place, and frankly I don't need that right now.

I think I'll be happier when she's over the nausea and I can satiate her with food.

November seems so far away.

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