Monday, March 19, 2007

Dum Dum Dum

So it's late. . . for me anyway. Yep I've settled into the life of an old married couple well. OK I didn't settle into it alone, my wife has too. We've become OK with staying home spending our weekend nights bored at home watching TiVO. Most nights we're in bed before 10. . . which leads me back to "it's late."

I can't sleep, not tonight. Because tomorrow I'll be accompanying my wife to the doctor. Tomorrow it will be official. Tomorrow I find out for sure 100% that I'm going to be a dad.

I haven't said that out loud yet (I guess typing it here is the closest I've come). Lots of emotions are racing about this. I'm trying to remain calm, I don't want to freak the missus out. At least not more than she already is freaked out.

Anyway, just wanted to make my first post on what I hope will be an ongoing thing. I'm off to lay awake now.

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