Monday, March 26, 2007

Don't tell me what to do!. . .

So today we got our shipment of baby preparation books. The Big Mayo Clinic book, a book for her, and a book for me. Seems my new job is to convince my wife to eat things that she wouldn't eat if she weren't feeling nauseous all day long.

So how does one eat 4 servings of protein, 8 of carbohydrates, 3 dairy and one of every color both fruit and vegetable every day? Especially when they don't want to eat anything because it makes them feel sick. When the doctor said she needed 300 more calories a day I didn't think that would be tough.

Oh and we found out the baby is about the size of a pencil eraser. It's got leg and arm nubs (which don't sound too pleasing). Because of the only thing not bothering my wife's stomach we've (read: I've) taken to calling it "french fry." She's not to pleased about that, but rather than call the thing "it" I'm calling it "french fry." Given the size it must be one of those good crunchy french fry bits in the bottom of the bag. . . I like those.

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