Saturday, August 30, 2008

Safety first. . .

We've decided to do some more child-proofing starting with padding the coffee table where our little daredevil does most of his stunts. So we bought some safety padding to line the corners and edges.

In fact tonight before we could get the padding out and adhered to the table he climbed up and fell on his cheek which looks like it may cause a bruise. Normally his falls don't leave any lasting marks. His forehead will be red for the evening and once he wakes up in the morning it's all OK.

As we got the pads out we discovered the secret of making any house baby-proof. Buy a box of child proof edging, open the box, and hand the pads to the baby. . . that's it. The baby will be so happy to play with the pads that he'll not want to climb on anything dangerous.

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caramama said...

Haha! That's one way to do it.