Saturday, August 23, 2008

It sucks.. .

I've vacuumed a few times while Mr. Clean wasn't napping. Normally his mother is feeding him a bottle on the couch so I take the time to vacuum. He watches me intently and seems to like the sound the vacuum makes. Today I decided to see what would happen if I vacuumed while he wasn't safely away.

I thought he'd be scared. Like a dog or cat I guess.

He wasn't. After an initial jump when I turned it on. He watched as I vacuumed around him. Then he thought is was chasing him so he crawled away a few times (which allowed me to vacuum the spot when he was sitting. Then he followed me down the hall. Played with the cord and chased me and the floor sucker (I'm tired of typing vacuum) all over the house. Then I chased him back the other way through the house.

Everything is a toy to this boy.


Amy said...

Seriously, we really ARE raising the same child.

Jamie said...

Its a VERY good thing he likes it. I have cared for some kids who would climb the walls if they heard me switch on the sweeper. I made it a HUGE point from the beginning to vacuum around Miles and Emily so they wouldn't be freaked out. Oh by the way I finally got on the wagon and started a blog ... baaaaaa hehe

Anonymous said...

Peyton loves the when I sweap too. He stares intently at it, and gets mad when I turn it off. It use to put him to sleep when I would have him in his swing. He would wake up as soon as I turned it off.

Also wanted to let you know you have been tagged on my blog.