Tuesday, August 5, 2008

No "P" in it. . .

Puffy McDuffy likes water. . . most of the time. He enjoys his bath, he touches the water from the garden hose when I water the veggies, and he uh. . . he likes to drink water?

Anyway, after our doctor told us about the dangers of swimming and asthma for infants under 6 months of age, we decided to wait a little before embarking on swimming lessons. I lived in a pool growing up and really want him to learn to swim, so early swim class was a must. So we took our tadpole to the local YMCA for the infant swimming class.

Let me take a minute to state I do not subscribe to the idea of babies swimming. In fact I find videos of people training their babies can swim a little creepy, and dangerous (creating a false sense of security). I'm not naive enough to think that he's actually going to learn anything more than enjoying being in the water.

And he does enjoy being in the water. We went to the pool, got in the water and splashed around for 10 minutes or so before everyone showed up to class (I know you have a baby, but I have one too and I was on time). Then class started. Class is lead by a woman who calls herself grandma, she should be a great teacher. . . I mean she was there when prehistoric man first flailed his arms to stay afloat after being chased into the water by a wooly mammoth. She should be a great teacher. Instead she's pushy and doesn't remember anything and I probably expect too much from her since she's 183 and it's amazing she can still get in and out of the pool.

So there we are enjoying playing in the pool, happy as can be. . . then class started. We began with a rousing round of The Wheels on the Bus (how that relates to swimming is a mystery still). It's not easy to hold a baby above water while dong the motions for The Wheels on the Bus. Then we move to swimming in a circle, and it was all over from there. Yes, my son is the crier. . .

For three straight weeks.

We're going to keep trying for the next two weeks, but I'm not holding my breath. . . I'm just trying to teach him how to.


caramama said...

We did these classes around 7 months, too. I found that if I just did the things the little one enjoyed and didn't bother with the rest, the class went much better for us. I don't care what the instructions are, my baby freaks out when she's dunked so I'm not going to dunk her.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

First off that video was funny yet disturbing.LOL We did swim classes with Carter when he was a little over a year old. He loved it. The girl who taught the class had an 18 mo old as well, so she was really fun and had us play games in the water and had the babies reach for bath toys. I tried dunking Carter once in the class and he hated it. To this day he still hates water being poured on his head...sigh.

Peyton we haven't done swim classes yet. I don't know if we will. When we were at my sisters house we took him in the pool and I tried dunking him and he had the same effect. I guess my boys are not fans of swimming.

I am sure as Parker gets older he will enjoy them more.