Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wait, What?. . .

Wait, the baby's due when? A month? Just a month? Like a 31 day month? OK at least it's not a February.

A month!?!

You'd think the carseat in my car, the crib, and clothes, the diapers (never had any of those in the house before), the toys and other assorted baby paraphernalia would have pushed me over the edge of readiness, but nope. . . still not even close to ready. I suppose you never can be ready, no amount of preparation or planning can get you truly ready for a baby.

"We don't know what to do you do with a baby!" my wife said this morning. She's right.

I'll start with the birth plans. So we had it easy with the doctor. "When should we go to the hospital?" "If your water breaks or if your contractions are 3 minutes apart and 45 second long." "OK great. Just so you know we're at your mercy in the hospital, neither of us wants to witness the actual birth, no mirrors, and the dad's not watching." It was easy.

Now we're planning maternity/paternity leaves, and finishing up projects at work. No problem, we can handle our jobs well and making plans for when we're gone hasn't proven to be too stressful.

Then the problem. . . One week after the baby is due we have a major holiday normally involving family dinners and gatherings. So we have to figure out how to make family functions flexible. Then we'll have to show off our week-old, amateur parenting skills in from front of the people who raised us. . . no stress there. Plus one side of our family is not very helpful when it comes to planing family gatherings.

I don't normally get stressed, but I'm getting a little now.


Janice said...

All I can say is "Join the Club". I am beyong panicked and stressed. After the baby shower this weekend I sat for about 5 minutes and cried while trying to figure out what I was going to do with everything. I havent even thought about Thanksgiving....UGHHH

Sometime today, I will put some pictures from the shower up on my site.

Amy said...

Dude, we're totally sitting out Thanksgiving this year. No way I'm gonna hang with the family/families with my baby stuck on my boob, and have germs floating all around him. Taking this year off.

Amanda said...

I resent that you say our family has problems with planning gatherings. At least we all still end up getting together, it's just usually not on the holiday itself that's all.