Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Like a broken record. . .

After a week of panic we survived to see another doctor's appointment. For the first time we were actually ready with a list of questions (we even wrote them down). We almost forgot to ask any of them as the doctor checked out my wife's cervix and emerged saying "I'd say, you'll have this baby in 7-10 days."

So we get a stay of execution. The doctor still insists that she still has 3 days left from her last prediction. Of course all I can think is 10 days means Halloween.

The doctor did touch the little guy's head, and when she was out she grabbed him again through my wife's belly to see which way he was facing. . . yeah, he didn't like that. She put the doppler heart monitor on him and his little heart was racing (170 bpm). After about 5 minutes it slowed a little, but according to his mother he was moving around all night.

So he's squirmy and can hold a grudge for a surprisingly long time (for a baby). . . we're in trouble.

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Amy said...

I got "checked" at the hospital the other night and noticed right after that the baby's heart was racing and I asked the nurse if that was okay and she said, "Yeah, I touched his head and it freaked him out." Thought that was funny to think about.