Monday, October 29, 2007

Daddy's log: Day 3

Baby's in bed, Mom's doing a Sitz Bath for her stitches, time for reflection.

3-days-old, and he just keeps getting better. In fact I think this may be his best day so far. Today he wasn't traumatized by being born, he didn't have part of his boy parts removed, he didn't get a single shot, and he started eating like a king. He did pee on himself a couple times, but today it didn't go in his eye (that wee blocker I mocked so heavily is looking better by the day).

People say being a baby is great, all you do is eat, sleep and poop. . . All I can say is when you don't really know how to do any of those, eating, sleeping, and pooping must be tough.

One thing experienced parents can laugh at me for—aside from the peeing in the eye—I'm annoyed that he poops and I change him and he poops again 30 seconds later. We went through about 15 diapers in the first 24 hours. And for some reason the geniuses who make changing pad covers make them in 5 colors all of which are pastel so they will show pee and poop stains like crazy. First diaper change at home, he peed all over the thing. Second changing after we washed it? He got poop on it (see my previous statement to see how).

After a little while we gave him his first sponge bath tonight. . . he screamed. He doesn't like being naked. So above you saw a picture of his first bath. This is my first step towards keeping this blog going in parenthood and trying not to make too much future embarrassment for him. So from now on, names will be used, pictures will be shown and I'll see where it takes me. . .

EDIT: I'm now deciding to remove names, but keep pictures.

P.S. Moms-to-be, if you do a sitz bath at home for your stitches, use your baby's new bath thermometer to make sure the water is OK for you too, no reason he should get all the use out of it.

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wow i like that...thats so sweet