Sunday, October 7, 2007

Baby stuff

The baby's room looks like a Babies-R-Us exploded in it. Bedding and toys and bottles and diapers all over the place. We sorted a lot and did the some assembly required thing (for some reason the convenient , easy-to-use pack and play took longer to put together than ll the other thing put together). I can't believe the amount of stuff you need now for a baby, and we didn't even get some of the silly stuff (e.g. the Wee Blocker).

It's wonder we survived as kids.

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Rodney said...

Before I read the post, I thought you had a kippah (yarmulke) on the "private member" and the post was about the decision on circumcision. Maybe you've written about that and I missed it. If so, can you point it out. If not, have you thought about it? I hear about 50% of American baby boys are now circumcised -- way down from the 1960s. Lots of discussion about it these days.