Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ticking time bomb. . .

We spent all day yesterday sitting around think every little hiccup, every pain, every urge to pee was the baby on his way out. We've packed the bag, get everything ready that we can, and got everything ready at our places of business. . . all in an effort to jinx ourselves. If we're completely ready he won't come.

Silly huh?

Anyway the countdown is on. . . even more so than before. It's getting crazy to believe that we'll be past the pregnancy stage and onto the parenting stage soon. Not sure if I'll keep this blog up after that. I've heard arguments about not sharing too much about your children online (most recently on an episode of Jumping Monkeys). Once our little guy hits high school he may not look too kindly on having embarrassing baby pictures and stories on the internet. His future girlfriends may enjoy how cute he was in the picture of his first bath when we sit her down to show her his baby pictures, but she shouldn't be able to set it as her screen saver. . . will people even have screen savers then?

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