Monday, August 6, 2007

Boot to the head. . .

So yesterday I had my head on my wife's belly, partly to try and hear the heartbeat again, but mostly. . . well she's my wife I'm allowed to lay on her from time to time (that belly is nice an plump right now and feels good to touch). I pushed down a little harder than normal and within a few seconds I felt—THUMP.

Just for good measure I tried it a few hours later, with the same results.

So any expectant fathers out there having trouble feeling the baby kick, try laying on him. Just so happens our son doesn't like being crowded. After all he did kick her for laying on her belly.


Amy said...

That's husband did that last night (purely by coincidence) and he got kicked in the ear. Shocked the hell out of him!

Bill, almost a dad said...

This same thing happened to me the other night. I absolutely loved it and got so excited!