Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bumbo strikes again. . .

So I sent the link to the Ready Set Bumbo video (above) to Megan Morrone at Jumping Monkeys and it made it on the show. Nothing big, but it makes me feel good.

The little monstor in my wife's belly is growing restless this week. He's so active in there right now, even my touching her belly doesn't stop him. Normally when I touch the belly the little spaz stops moving, but not right now. Everything we ready said week 27 and I think 32 are the most active.

Now I need help. I'm trying to convince my wife to let me do the room like While You Were Out. Lock her out of the room for 2-3 weeks and do everything without her. Then surprise her with the final product. So post a comment telling her to let me do that. She gets to build the baby I want to build the room.

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Megan said...

Sorry I didn't give you credit on the show. I was furiously searching for the e-mail you sent, but couldn't find it. I just posted a little thanks on the show notes: