Thursday, August 9, 2007

So close

Look over to your right. . . up a little. . . little more. See that fetus there? Click it a few times. Notice anything different? There's no "1" in front of the number anymore. We have less than 100 days left till the little bugger comes out. I can remember when there was a 2 at the begining. We don't have a room ready, we haven't registered for anything, we haven't taken our class at the hospital, we're not ready to grow up yet!--

My wife begins teaching again next week so she's been spending the week getting her class ready. She seems appalled that everyone is dropping into her classroom making sure she's not doing any lifting or straining herself to much. She's also not too happy that people keep coming in saying things like "wow, you don't look like you've gained any weight at all," or " you're such a cute pregnant woman," or "you're pregnant? No one tells me anything around here!" These all sound like compliments to me. Of course I've been saying all those things to her all summer, she never believed me, she believes them.

I never got an answer on what volume to set headphones on the belly to play music for the baby. I hope I'm not making him deaf.

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Janice said...

I get the same responses that your wife gets. "Your almost 7 months and you dont even look pregnant or look like you have gained weight." Yet, I feel as if I gain a ton of weight and feel as if I am ready to explode.