Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's a Small World. . .

Recently I took on some more responsibility at work (we had some reorganization [lay-offs] meaning I get more to do). Part of this new responsibility means new contacts with an outside vendor. Enter Janice, Janice is the account manager for a vendor that I have now become the default contact for. We started talking and emailing and have been doing so for about a month now.

So I was surprised when after a month I found out Janice is having a baby boy 2 days after my wife.

I found this out because she was asking us to pick a date for her and her boss to come visit our office (we're in Missouri they're in Florida), and she needed to travel before October. Imagine if I hadn't found out about her pregnancy until she showed up here in September. That would have been really odd.

On a side note, the baby above is another of mine. I'm actually using the babies for a promotion piece at work, the sign the baby is chewing on contains the offer for the piece.

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