Monday, June 25, 2007

No more tears. . .

All this doom and gloom lately hasn't been fun. So in the interest of samity I thought I'd make a list of good things that have happened that have been overlooked because of the pending birth defects. . .
  • I have felt my son move on 3 different occasions. Not much, just little thumps, but to feel the baby inside my wife's belly is so amazing. I don't know if it'll get old or not, but for now it's really neat. I keep insisting she stop hogging the baby. I want a turn to play with him.

  • We took a tour of one of the possible baby factories we can give birth in. We walked in and the tour guide looked at us funny for being there (all the other people were REALLY pregnant, one was due in 2 weeks); what can I say, we plan ahead. She stood up and said "my name's Mary, and I'm a doula." We turned to each other and almost walked out. Sorry if that offends any doula users or doulas out there. We just think it's silly. The tour itself was OK, we made jokes through most of it.

  • We took our first trip to Babies 'R Us and saw a little cup you can set on a boy while changing him to prevent him peeing on you. It's called the Weeblock.

  • We discovered that if my wife does lay on her stomach she will get kicked as a polite reminder that she's laying on someone.

  • Once the baby gets older, we saw little robes at Target that look like baby smoking jackets. Add a bubble pipe and a brandy snifter and you have little Hugh Hefner. . . I may get one to match.

  • The hunt for baby names is on. We hadn't even begun to think of boy names before now. A couple stand out right now, but nothing is a clear winner.
So even though we've had bad news and this dark cloud overhead, we have been in good spirits and we keep laughing and trying to be happy. I know all anyone here has been reading is not fun, but I insist, we are still enjoying being pregnant, and are excited to be parents. It is a time of fun and jokes. I'll try to post more of those. A lot you just have to be there for.


Rodney said...

I learned a new word: doula....!

I also learned of a Weeblocker. You are opening up a whole new world to this man who has never even changed a diaper in his lifetime!



Amy said...

They also make the PeePee TeePee. It's a little teepee that goes over his boy parts to stop him from peeing in your face.

God, I hope I have a girl...