Friday, June 29, 2007

Don't touch that! . .

The one fun story in the story of the amnio was the story of our first outburst of parenting. As the doctor was doing the amnio we were watching on the ultrasound screen. For anyone who doesn't know, the doctor used the ultrasound to guide the needle into an empty spot on in the amniotic sac to draw out fluid. About halfway through the fluid drawing process we suddenly saw on the screen a little hand batting at the needle ("oooh, what's this"). Though neither of us said it out loud we were both screaming inside our head "No, don't touch that, sharp, bad baby!" The doctor saw the hand and (as he said he would) tilted the needle so the hand couldn't get stuck.

I'm sure the baby couldn't see the needle, that it was just pulled there by the fluid being sucked into the syringe, but knowing he's our little monkey it won't be the last time he reaches for something he shouldn't.

Last night was the first night the baby kept my wife from sleeping with his thumping. This morning as I left for work she said "I was trying to sleep last night and I kept feeling 'blup blup blup' and I was thinking 'hey, knock it off in there!'"

She's funny.

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