Friday, June 22, 2007

Let the good times roll. . .

So we had our appointment with the genetic counselor and to have the ultrasound today. The little guy was all fired up again and hiding from the ultrasound. It was nice to see him again. Most the markers looked really good: neck, legs, nose, brain. But a small white spot appeared on the ultrasound. If we had never had the quad screen this spot wouldn't have even been a blip on the radar (8 out of 10 babies have it), but because it is considered a minor marker for Down's Syndrome our risk level doubled putting us at a 1 in 88 chance of the baby having Down's.

Needless to say, this was not good news to us. We expected we'd go in and everything would be clear. So we asked the doctor and ultrasound tech to give us a minute alone. The doctor stalled a second to point out that we were missing the good news of all the major markers being clear and focusing on the bad. So after he left and we talked it over we decided to go ahead and do the amniocentesis. It only took about 5 minutes once it got started. We;ll get preliminary results early next week and conclusive results in a couple weeks.

While there we were also offered a screening test for Cystic Fibrosis. We both looked and each other and I answered "no, we've had enough screening tests." No more thanks.

Oh yeah if you didn't catch it. . . we're definitely having a boy.

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Amy said...

I didn't catch it!

Congrats on the boy!!