Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Music soothes the savage beast. . .

So I've felt the little man in my wife's belly kick a couple times before and it's the coolest thing ever.

So why won't he do it again for daddy? I just want to feel the little bugger kick, that's all. However, every time my wife feels him move, I hurry to put my hand on her belly to feel for myself and he stops kicking.

My new decision is to play music for him. I got my ipod loaded and put the earbuds on my wife's belly tucked under her elastic waistband. I started off with some Dvořák, and then (since that probably lulled him to sleep) followed it up with some Nelly Furtado (which woke him up). Still, once the Nelly woke him, up he wouldn't kick when my hand was on the belly. I'm going to need to put together a playlist just for him I think. Nothing to loud, nothing too weird. Just something soft and bouncy to keep him happy.

I've heard that toward the end of the pregnancy you should play music on headphones at the bottom of the woman's belly so the baby will spin around and be positioned to come out. I'll be doing that.

My question is this. I know the baby can hear sounds outside the mother, I know the uterus and amniotic fluid amplifies the sound, and I know different sounds will elicit different reactions. . . what I don't know is, how loud you should set ipod earbuds so the kid can hear it and not be blasted out? Anyone know?

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