Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Update. . .

Since I've been bad lately about updating (busy, busy, busy) I thought I'd do a quick update on things in Parker's world.
  • I mentioned wanting something that Skippy Jr. could grab and be OK with the whole getting it into his mouth thing. Well we found something. His old soothie pacifiers. We recently switched to a different type of pacifier because he couldn't keep the soothies in anymore. One day he started crying and we were in a room where we hadn't put a new pacifier but had a soothie, so we tried to use it. He grabbed it and put it back in his mouth different ways and had a great time chewing on it. It was small enough for him to hold and doesn't have a bad side to chew on.

  • Soothies are great but the best way to stop a crying baby. . . removing his pants. We've also discovered he likes having his fat folds rubbed. They get sweaty and sometimes smelly but he likes it a lot.

  • Peas are thick and easy to feed to a baby. Carrots not so much.

  • Our baby really doesn't smile much, and it takes a lot of work to get him to laugh. I don't think there's anything wrong with him I just think he's less of a laugher and more of a studier. . . we used to tease each other that we'd have a kid with no sense of humor. "But mother father, why do you think a monkey wearing pants juggling kittens is funny? I don't understand." Be careful what you joke about I guess.

  • For the past couple months Skippy Jr. doesn't like to snuggle anymore. Snuggling means sleeping and "damn it I will not be put to sleep!" This week however, he's had a few really sleepy moments where he's snuggled up on me. . . it was so nice.

Anyway that's it for now. I'll try and be better this week.


Jamie said...

I think that Parker and Emily were seperated at birth ... I seriously could have written this post except fo the snuggling part she still snuggles but on her terms only :)And she never used a binky like Miles did and I bought every kind they make to try and get her to take one she loves to chew on them a lot now that she is finally getting teeth.

Amy said...

Carter still uses his soothie as his pacifier, but also enjoys eating the wrong sides.

Oh, and the pants thing? Totally.

caramama said...

Love the diagram!

My friend's baby is the same way... loves to be naked and is more of a studier than a laugher. Amazing at how they develop these little personalities already, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Peyton like to be pantsless too. It is easier for him to grab at his feet. As soon as I take his pants off to change his diaper he goes right for them. I am lucky to have a happy boy. As soon as he see's me he gets the biggest smile on his face. He is easily amused like his brother and mother.


~Joe said...

green beans always seem the thickest to me