Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Good shot buddy. . .

A funny thing happened before we all left this morning.

A little background: Parents as Teachers came to our house last week to do a check on Skippy Jr. One of the things she got out of her bag was a metal, mixing bowl with two balls in it. Skippy Jr. grabbed it right away, dumped out the balls, and chomped down on the rim of the bowl. He really liked holding it and we have bowls just like it so now in the morning I let him sit up on the floor and play with some toys including this bowl.

So we're sitting, playing, waiting for mommy to finish getting ready and he dropped the bowl by his feet. He's starting to get a little braver so he leaned forward to get the bowl and the deep bend made him spit up a lot. . . right into the bowl! He didn't slip a drop. All in the bowl.

The story is funnier when I make the sound effects with it.

On a side note, everybody always talks about babies R us being expensive for basics like formula and diapers. Since we starting to give Skippy Jr. some formula we've been pricing it. Turns out not only is R Us close in price for formula, it's cheaper than Target.


Anonymous said...

Oh man I hate when we try to get Peyton to sit up and he vomits all over the carpet. Yuckers!LOL He still isn't very intersted in grabbign toys. He loves his toy phone and will shake that around, but clocks himself in the face everytime. ha ha. Poor guy is going to have a black eye. I agree Babies R Us formula is pretty cheap. Sometimes Target will have a sale but I often worry it is on outdated formula. I only buy it from there if I am desperate. I usually get it at Walmart. How is he doing with the formula?


I'm Not Skippy said...

He's doing really good with the formula. We still have some poop issues, but he likes the formula. So far we haven't found anything he doesn't like to eat.

We've only bought 2 canisters of formula and bought it at Target for 3 reasons. 1) I will not step foot inside Wal-mart. Call me a snob if you like I feel dirty every time I go to Wal-mart. 2) We had some of those checks. 3) Sams doesn't take those checks. . . yes I know Sams in owned by the evil "W" (one of two), but it feels less like a 3rd world market, so we go on occasion.

caramama said...

Smart boy to puke right in the bowl! Now you should work on getting him to poop in the toilet!! And make you dinner!