Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Photoshoot #2

OK no one wanted the serious post yesterday. How about new baby pictures? Edit: I've been trying to get these images to align and it's not working. Sorry for the sloppiness.


Amy said...

I just had nothing to say about yesterday's post, especially because I'm not a Christian. :-)

But, these pics? Absolutely adorable. I love love love the last one and the tongue one. You've got one cute kid. I wish we lived near each other and could let the boys play!

I'm Not Skippy said...

Me too, that'd be fun. And I'd be able to pass on the photographer's info.

Janice said...

I wasnt sure as to how take yesterdays post. Sorry.

Parker is sooo adorable.

caramama said...

Hey, I liked yesterday's post!

But I LOVE these pics!! My fav is the grumpy/fussy picture of him. They are so cute when they are so upset!

Sarah said...

He just gets cuter and cuter! He looks a lot like his mommy, but I can see a little of you too. Oh, and I love the crabby face one :-)

Anonymous said...

I think the pics turned out great. He is so cute. I can't get over how big he is and how different he looks. They grow up so fast. Your photographer does a great job. Can't wait for ours on the 12th. Hopefully they turn out as good as yours. Peyton does the tongue thing too. All his pictures anymore he has his tongue sticking out.LOL