Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A quick side rant. . .

This is way off my normal subject. . . There was a post on Motherhood Uncensored that got me thinking. At the time I responded with a quote from the movie Dogma. . .

"Mankind got it all wrong by takin' a good idea and building a belief structure out of it."

I work with a woman. Four years ago her younger daughter came home from college pregnant and two weeks later her older daughter came out of the closet. This story is about the later daughter. This mother of two has written books for a Catholic publishing house (where we work), has been a Catholic counselor in mental facilities, and teaches a monthly marriage enrichment course for our archdiocese. Just some background on her.

Last Thanksgiving my coworker and her husband decided to spend Thanksgiving in San Francisco visiting their older daughter who is in art school. The parents had decided to go out to dinner after their daughter had a Thanksgiving dinner with her roommate and friends (the couple didn't want to eat tofu turkey). Once my friend arrived at her daughter's apartment she found herself immersed in a group of homosexual, transsexual, and possible even para-sexual people.

And here, as she told me, she saw Jesus. . . "this is where Jesus would be today." He'd be among the people who needed love the most. And he wouldn't be preaching to them to change their ways, he'd simply be there to love them. (After this she went to a similar group in the kitchen who were they had same make-up but different attitude, she thought this is where Jerry Springer would be, but that's a different story).

Jesus spent his time with prostitutes and (shudder) tax collectors. He lived among the outcasts and loved them. He cared for the people no one cared about. Today conservative Christians shun homosexuals, drug addicts, and women who've had abortions. . . those are the people Jesus would be with today.

Jesus would not be a republican. I'm not sure he'd be a democrat either, but Im 100% sure he would not be a republican.


caramama said...

This is so true, and exactly what I think in a lot of situations.

You know, Jesus was a rebel. He preached against the established Jewish traditions because they were stuck in their ways and not open to the people who needed them most. He preached loved for all and to help your fellow man who needs help. People today so often forget that and get caught up in judging others.

Sarah said...

"If you judge people, you have no time to love them."
--Mother Theresa


La folle maman said...

I've been lurking for a bit now after Caramama wrote some kudos about you on her blog.

Sorry it took me so long to comment on this one ...

I've never understood how racism, prejudice and hate could be part of a Christian's repertoire. I think the blending of politics and religion in this country has produced this phenomenon.