Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Stay-at-home dad week: Day two. . .

Today we went shopping. Christmas present, office supply, and diaper shopping to be exact. We went to 4 different stores. . . he didn't like that. . . I didn't either. After that we went to see his friend Luke (whose mother is my friend Melissa). They still don't know each other exists (that's them in the above picture looking at something. . . who can tell what with babies?). They got some good team crying going though, it was fun.

Tomorrow, we're going to see Grandma. She'll probably just sit and hold him for a couple hours. She likes holding her grandbabies.

Johnson's Bedtime. We have dubbed this stuff "sleepy soap" and "sleepy lotion." The one things we've learned is to bathe him in it AFTER his final feeding. We did it before and he fell asleep long before he got enough to eat.

Not a product. What I hate is I'm constantly covered with cloth diapers. We have at least 3 in every room it seems, but when the kid spits-up (today he launched it about 3 feet) there is never a diaper around. Is that part of Murphy's Law?

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha I know what you mean about the spit up. I hate when I am feeding Peyton and see the burp cloth on the opposite side of the room.LOL

I love Johnson's bedtime bath. It was a lifesaver with my first son and would always knock him out at bedtime. He also loved getting a little massage before bedtime. Peyton on the other hand baths wake him up. Talk about wide eyed. I may have to start giving him hsi baths earlier in the day. He hates the feeling of lotion on him too. Freaks him out. He is so like his father.lol

Glad your week is going good. This is like a soap opera and have to check in everyday to see how it is going. LOL