Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sick or tired. . .

We're worried our little guy is getting his first cold. He's a little stuffy, and really lethargic (he slept a lot today and he's been hard to keep awake once he is up) . . . he didn't even enjoy his bath tonight, normally he loves bath time. It could be that the week long holiday extravaganza just caught up with him. It could be from my sick aunt who insisted she shouldn't hold him and then when we weren't looking held him (she asked my cousin who has a 7-month-old if she could hold him and after she told her "no" she decided not to even ask us). It could just be a little bug that someone tracked in the house.

Hopefully it's just being tired from all the places we've gone and being passed around so much. I'm dreading his first cold. I know he'll get one sooner or later—my wife is around 21 first-graders everyday she's bound to bring something home—I just want to put it off as long as possible. Seeing him miserable, not knowing what is going on (but knowing it isn't pleasant), and not being able to help him is going to tear me up.

Hopefully he's just tired.

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully it's not a cold. It could be a growth spurt. How old is he now? I know they say with growth spurts it could be they either eat a ton or the sleep a ton, so maybe it is that. I know somedays it is hard to keep Peyton up after he eats. We try to play with him a little after he eats, but somedays he doesn't want to have anything to do with playtime.

I hope he starts to get back to his old self again real soon. I know it is hard seeing your little one sick.