Thursday, December 20, 2007

Stay-at-home dad week: Day four, Update. . .

After my last post I picked up my son and rocked with him for 15 minutes or so while her got sleepier and sleepier. . . and I got just as sleepy. I put him down and after one replugging (our only issue to get him to sleep is his inability to keep his pacifier in his mouth) I decided to lay down myself for a little 20 minute nap. . . after which I'd finished the load of baby laundry and make dinner after that.

An hour and a half later my wife was standing over me waking me up. I was in a pretty delirious state. She had called on her way home from work and wondered why I hadn't answered. . . she figured I was changing him or feeding him or something. Imagine her surprise coming home to find me passed out in bed.

I guess staying home is wearing me out more than I thought it would. Thankfully he was also sleeping (at least I think) the whole time I was out.

Having to wash baby stuff in special detergent. And if fabric softener removes the flame retardant quality of kids clothes than make a different type of fabric softener or flame retardant treatment, cause staticky baby laundry sucks.


The Blue Pamphlet said...

In regards to the detergent, my wife and I use the clear house brand of Costco detergent. My twins seem not to mind it at all, though, like you, I don't toss in any fabric softner.

Someone gave us a bottle of Dreft, and I'll use it when I run out of the other

Anonymous said...

Get some dryer balls thats what we use and they seem to work with the static (and hair balls that seem to gather in the feet of the pajamas) and ehhh if you just use a lil regular detergent it works all the same (provided they don't get a rash) I have never used the *baby* stuff actually in the years of working with kids I don't think I have ever used the stuff *shrugs* we use the surf from Sams

Anonymous said...

btw ^ thats me Jamie I don't think you know that name other than JamieMomma from Facebook