Friday, December 21, 2007

Stay-at-home dad week: Day five. . .

Today we stayed home again. No errands, meetings or relatives. He slept a good amount of time, nothing exciting really. The worst of today was when he woke up 20 minutes before my darling wife's alarm went off.

My God we need some good sleep this weekend.

So my stay-at-home dad week is over. For the most part saying "stay-at-home" is both true and misleading. I only stayed at home 2 of the 5 days. The days I spent at home I got more done and was less stressed than the days I went out. I think with more sleep I'd be able to get even more done.

I think I could do it. I'd need a job that I could do from home where I wasn't in the middle of turmoil and they didn't need me for silly stuff as often as they do. If I were just a designer, no marketing crap, no office administration, no scheduling and project management (except my own). . . I could do it.


Anonymous said...

Wait till you have 2. It is such a production taking the kids out when you have 2. We feel out numbered but we aren't. I am glad you were able to be home with Parker this week. Not too many dad's could do what you just did. After my husband is home 3 days he is ready to go back to work. He says he has a new found respect for what I do. It is not an easy job.

Oh and on the laundry detergent. I use to use All Clear. It was a lot cheaper then Dreft and worked just as well. I have to switch Peyton because he is breaking out in a rash. Poor boys have my sensative skin.

Have a great Holiday. I can't wait to see pics of Parker's first Christmas.

Carrie said...

I have a lot of respect for you too, being able to stay home with Parker for a whole week....BRAVO - it can be harder than it looks sometimes.
On a side note, I noticed the comment about All Free & Clear detergent. Dreft is way too expensive. We used All for Ella too and then I read in Consumer Reports just a couple of months ago that is doesn't clean very well at all - it was close to the bottom of the list. Costco's Kirkland Free & Clear brand is just as cheap as All and was high up the list as a very affordable and very good cleaning detergent (right up there with Tide, which was almost TOPS. We have been using it for almost 2 months now and have had no problems with Ella's sensitive skin.
Carrie :)

I'm Not Skippy said...

We used the All Clear at first (my mother-in-law got that for us) all of it seems to be about the same. We got some really crappy (pun intended) stains out with both All Clear and Dreft.

Really what I hate more is not being able to use fabric softener. Staticky and gross feeling clothes suck.