Monday, July 20, 2009

Whatever it is I think I see. . .

Our son is obsessed with trains. . . completely and totally obsessed. The first thing he says when he wakes up—and I swear I'm not making this up—is "choo-choo." Sometimes it's whispered sometimes it yelled.

He is constantly asking us to watch Thomas the Tank Engine ("peas choo-choo" while rubbing his chest to sign "please"). It's cute, but only as long as you actually give in and let him watch the show. Otherwise he throws a fit so bad you might actually wish a real train were passing through the living room. Unfortunately the show is only on once a week so we TiVO it and play the same 5 episodes over and over. He knows all their names and has a favorite. . . Emily in case you're curious. We were watching the show one morning and he repeated her name perfectly clear. Ever since he's in love with her.

I almost wish it stopped with Thomas, but it doesn't. At grandma's house train go by and he can see them from her kitchen window. He yells "choo-choo" when we drive under train bridges that cross the highways. He drives his train toys around the house yelling "aw-a-boad." He even pretends that everything else is a train. He has stacking blocks that he pretends is a train. He lines the boxes up and pushes them around. Everything is a train to him. I enjoy the fact that he's pretending, but why is everything a train?

Hopefully it's a phase and soon enough we can be playing Batman or something cooler.


Jamie said...

If you have a DVD burner and software I have a few Thomas DVDs you are more than welcome to copy. Also every now and then at Walgreens and other places you can find a DVD that comes with a train car. Both Miles and Emily love the trains (craigslist is a great place to find lots of tracks and trains cheap) and the TRU wooden Thomas like sets are cheap :) But anyways you can borrow any time :)

caramama said...

Next weekend, we are going to a local playground that has a mini train to ride. I'll bet you will make your boy the happiest little boy in the world if you can find one near you too!

Oh, we also have a train museum nearby... I think in Baltimore. Perhaps there is one by you?