Saturday, July 4, 2009

No water parks. . .

So a couple weeks ago we went on a little road trip to Kansas City. We spent the first couple days and nights hanging out with friends. The first day we went to this outdoor mall called "the Legends." In the mall was this big fountain. There were some kids playing in it so I thought I'd try our monkeybear out in it.

He loved it.

This was great news because the second half of our vacation was going to be spent at the Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor water park resort.

He later loved the water room at this place called Wonderscope and when he saw the big pool outside our balcony at the lodge. . . then the moment of truth the indoor water park.

Yeah he hated it.


Anonymous said...

Peyton would have dove right in. He loves the water.

ella1mom said...

What a cute video and what a cool fountain. I would love to take Ella to see that!

Amy said...

I love how he keeps signing for more every time the water stops.