Thursday, July 9, 2009

Two week chip. . .

I am finally ready to call the pacifier detox program a success. The first week was tough. He'd cry himself to sleep off and on most nights, naps were much better. Then he started sleeping longer in the mornings and more soundly. . . which means I was sleeping more soundly (my wife sleeps soundly regardless).

Now he's done it. He still occasionally asks for a "pass," but we show him they are no longer in the spot where they were once kept and remind him that he doesn't need one. He goes to sleep fairly quickly and without fighting much. Some nights he'll still lay and talk to himself.

The final test will come this weekend when he goes to sleep at Grandma's. It's been a long time since he slept somewhere other than at our house without us there.


caramama said...

Congrats on the successful detoxing! I'm so jealous that you kid will sleep at all, but it's especially great that he can now do so without the pacifier!

I'm Not Skippy said...

A lot can be said for letting him cry it out. Yeah it breaks your heart for a couple nights, but it is so much better in the long run. Better for us, better for him.