Thursday, July 16, 2009

Counting mean parents to go to sleep. . .

Babies. . . oh I guess it should be toddlers now. Toddlers sometimes have bad dreams. People have often wondered what could possibly be so bad that a toddler could have a bad dream. In our case, WE are that bad.

We bought a Sesame Street toddler video gamefrom Target for I think $9 a few weeks ago. It's not the first computer program we've let him play with, but it's the first one he's asked for. When he's not begging to watch Thomas the Tank Engine or Jack's Big Music Show or to listen to the one song he knows by name, he's asking for "ah-mo*." He even knows to clear off the coffee table so the computer can sit there and he can play his computer game with mommy. It's cute.

What isn't cute is when we say "no" to any of his string of requests—and yes, he normally asks for one right after the other. When we say "no" he starts to cry and yells again for whatever we denied him. . . really, it's a fun game. This is often accompanied with his laying his head down or rolling on the floor. Tantrums are great fun, aren't they.

So you can imagine how funny my wife and I found it at 5 am this morning when we woke to crying and the scream of "ah-mo!" Coming from his room. Apparently us saying "no" is that traumatic for him.

*Ah-mo (n): Elmo and his computer game.


Amy said...

Carter yelled out, "No Daddy!" in his sleep last night. One time he yelled out, "I love you!" so I guess it's not always bad. We were cracking up.

caramama said...

Wow. That's sad (the bad dreams part), but very funny.