Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Limp wrist. . . .

I always wondered why I have long skinny wrists.

Everywhere I let the MonkeyBear walk in public he tries to pull away from me. He does it in that toddler way of pulling as hard as he can while still holding my hand (mostly because of the death grip I have on him). Because when I hold his hand I cover his hand and hold his wrist too. I can feel his wrist pulling really far—by my account anyway. I guess I was like that as a kid too. I worry I'm pulling his wrist out of it's socket.

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Jamie said...

Ugh been with Miles and now there doing it with Emily too. We finally broke down and got one of those animal backpacks(leashes) and it actually helps a lot. I have to get one for Emily now because Miles likes his too much to give it up)