Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Says it all. . .

This article really says it all. . .
My wife and I share a home and a bed. We kiss goodbye in the morning and hello in the evening with such ritualistic regularity that if one of them somehow gets missed, I worry it means bad luck.

What I remember most about our first years together was our laughter. We giggled in bed at night and over the course of long weekend mornings, lying on our backs, legs draped across each other's legs. Shameless hilarity in restaurants, malls, on the sidewalk -- a private world of absurdity and delight, in love with the ridiculousness of the world and each other.

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caramama said...

I don't know what to say, but I don't want to not say anything.

I've heard of a lot of couples going through a rough time after the arrival of a child(ren). It was definitely a big adjustment for me and my hubby, but I feel we've adjusted pretty well. Like the article said that the writer hoped for, we've found a way to be ourselves together but different.

We'll see what happens when we add another kid, but I am definitely nervous about it. We have so little time to be together and enjoy each other with just one child. I can only hope we will find--no, make--the time after life with two settles down a little. What do you think? A year? 2? MORE???

Good luck in your relationship. I hope you find a way to be yourselves again together. :-)