Friday, April 3, 2009

Broke?. . .

The monkeybear has declared that everything, especially the TV, is "broke." Everything used to be "ut-oh" now it's "broke."

Him (holding the TV remote and pointing it at the TV): Broke.
Me: It's not broke it's just off.

Him (after dropping a truck): Broke.
me: No, you just dropped it.

Him (holding the TV remote and pointing it at the TV again): Broke.
Me: No it's not broke, it's just on something you don't want to watch

Him (unable to open a window on his busy box): Broke.
Me: No, you just have to push the button harder.

Him (trying to fill his own cup at the fridge): Broke.
Me: No, not broke, we just turned on the child safety lock.

He says other words, but none as often.

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caramama said...

That's pretty funny. Hey, if it doesn't work for him, it must be "broke."

Our girl doesn't really understand the concept of "sorry." She says it randomly for reasons we cannot figure out. There's nothing to be sorry for, yet she tells us she is.

Someday they'll get it.